Q: Do I have to be a runner to shop here?

A: Absolutely not! We’re happy to help anyone with finding the best shoes for their feet.

Q: What if i purchase shoes from you, but they end of hurting my feet/legs/etc.

A: Bring them back! We offer 30 day returns, no questions asked. Our goal is simple, to get you in the right shoes and in some cases that may take one or two tries.

Q: Do you offer a gait analysis?

A: Yes, in our own way. We sit down with every customer and watch how you walk/run and build a recommend shoe list based on that. We measure your feet, we ask you lifestyle/training questions, lean about current or previous injuries, and so on, to find the perfect match.

Q: Do You have sale shoes?

A: Yes, we typically have a sale shoe rack placed prominently in the shop. Shoes on this rack are new, but not the newest, so they are heavily discounted.